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Domestic screw conveyor goes to the world

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-27
2014-07-24 09:27:42 my country’s conveyor industry should take the path of technological innovation. Vibration machinery manufacturers believe that my country’s conveyor machinery and equipment manufacturers can only increase technological investment, change their development thinking, and construct an industrial innovation pattern. Achieve efficient and sustainable development in a virtuous circle.   At present, my country's independent innovation and research and development of screw conveyors, under the background of increasingly mature international development, continue to expand the market scale, and gradually enter overseas, beginning to spread to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other fields. However, the current stage is at an important strategic opportunity period for my country’s economic and social development. As a major area of u200bu200benergy consumption and environmental pollution, industry is facing a strategic development of transformation and upgrading under the constraints of the country’s accelerating construction of a resource-saving and environmentally friendly system Opportunities, the same is true for screw conveyors, and they have begun to develop towards cleanliness, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and large-scale development. Driven by low energy consumption and emission reduction policies and restricted by relevant binding indicators, reduce dust, noise and waste generated by conveyors during operation; reduce energy consumption and adhere to the development of transportation with low energy consumption and emission reduction as the core Technology; expand the scope of application of conveyors under various extreme conditions; greatly increase the conveying capacity of the conveyor, increase the length of the single unit, expand the conveying angle, and accelerate the development of large-scale conveying equipment with large transportation volumes and long distances to cater to the conveyor The main trend of the market. Related products: LS/GX type screw conveyor, LS159 type screw conveyor, SCG high temperature resistant vibration loading conveyor, TD series belt conveyor, large angle belt conveyor, DY type movable belt loading conveyor
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