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Does YiFan enjoy high popularity?
At least Ningbo YiFan Conveyor Equipment Co.,Ltd is a brand well known to the industry. It has been developed for many years. Its marketing began when our company was founded. Its exports to foreign countries help to expand our international influence. In the future, more customers and users may know it.

As a responsive and flexible manufacturing company, YiFan has established a solid reputation for designing and providing reversible belt conveyor The belt conveyor series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. telescopic belt conveyor is of exquisite workmanship and unique shape. One of the highlights is its precise dimensions. The constant current driving circuit of this product features a simple circuit structure yet high precision constant current output, which makes the product work stably and efficiently. The length of the product can be controllable.

Performance with integrity is a fundamental value of YiFan. Check it!
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