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Does the mobile conveyor belt have to have patterns?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-24
The pattern structure can effectively block unnecessary product waste. The belt conveyor roller is one of the most important parts of the belt conveyor. We can regard it as the 'heart' of the belt conveyor. Its main manifestations are as follows:( 1) The radial runout index of the idler determines the running condition of the belt conveyor; (2) The protective performance of the idler determines the environment, conditions and the service life of the idler that can be used by the belt conveyor; (3) The dynamic rotation resistance of the roller determines the operating power of the belt conveyor; (4) The comprehensive performance of the roller not only determines the length of its own life, but also determines the life of the entire belt conveyor. 7. The vacuum pump works again and starts a new one. The circulation of wheels, therefore, the level of assembly technology in the production process of the idler roller determines the final performance of the idler, that is, the performance of the entire belt conveyor determines the performance of the mobile loading conveyor 1. Two ends are fixed (two ends are fixed in one direction) General Minor shaft under operating temperature (span L
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