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Do you know what advantages the double-layer roller conveyor has?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-28
How to use the premises reasonably when the premises of the production workshop are restricted? Please follow the editor below to find out. At first, we can choose double-layer or multi-layer roller conveyors. In the same space, we can place double-layer roller lines up and down to achieve the purpose of double-layer roller line transportation. This is not bad for manufacturers with small production space. Selection. At the same time, the double-deck roller loading conveyor is driven by a motor. Compared with two independent roller lines, it saves the cost of a motor and electric control equipment, which saves the cost for the enterprise, but pay attention to the double The height between the roller lines of the layer is higher than the height of the material.   Double roller loading conveyor also has the same advantages of rollers. There are reasons such as large transportation volume and convenient protection. It is used in the transportation of finished product packaging boxes and turnover boxes in various industries. The bottom of the object to be transported is required to be flat. And every three rollers must be in contact with the bottom.
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