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Discussion on the Causes of Accidents in Belt Conveyors and Improvement Measures

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-26

With the rapid development of modern society, the coal mining industry has also achieved many unprecedented developments.

The degree of comprehensive mechanization is also constantly improving. Therefore, the use of belt conveyors is also increasing. in the coal mining industry

In, many mines have adopted one-stop coal transportation. Due to the special operating environment of various mines, the production conditions are relatively poor.

Inferior, coupled with the lack of conveying technology and production management measures, so many accidents have occurred in the belt conveyor

, serious and even threaten the life of coal miners. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the cause of the accident of the belt conveyor

, and look for solutions from technology and production management.

Discussion on the causes of belt loading conveyor accidents:

( 1) hurt people

The occurrence of the accident is mainly due to illegal operations.

①Illegal crossing over the belt conveyor.

②Illegal ride on the belt conveyor.

③Some skin

Although the belt conveyor can ride people, the offside protection device is not perfect.

④Due to lax management, the belt conveyor was broken

Tape or tear tape, this can be divided into two reasons:

First, due to the lack of strengthened management of the driver's post system, resulting in

The belt is seriously deviated from the normal track, but there is no corresponding safety protection device.

Second, a metal object jams the belt, or

The gangue hits the belt directly.

(2) Occurrence of belt fire accident. In some incidents, the belt caught fire and the casualties were

The most people, there are three factors here:

First, there is no complete protection device, maintenance scribbles, plus the external ring

The reason for the environment caused the friction between the belt and the transmission conveyor, resulting in a fire;

Secondly, in the process of using

Quality materials, such as hydraulic couplings, lead to the occurrence of fuel injection fire accidents;

The belt was used, causing friction to catch fire.

(3) The belt slips and slips. The belt slips because

The anti-skid facilities are not perfect, the inclination angle of the inclined lane is relatively large, overloading occurs, resulting in accidents;

Part of it is due to heavy belt load or loose belt, or belt jamming.

(4) Prevention of accidents

Effective measures: can be divided into two aspects:

First, improvement measures in terms of technology:

①In order to prevent the belt from catching fire, you can

Add automatic shutdown to the belt conveyor, or add automatic water spray after slipping and heating, which plays a role in cooling.

②Pair delivery

Calculate the inclination angle of the inclined lane of the conveyor to see if it has the condition that the belt does not slide down. If the condition cannot be met, you can increase the

Equipped with control equipment for belt slippage.

Second, improvement measures in production management.

①To conscientiously implement the post responsibility system. right

Drivers conduct business training and strengthen professional driver management to improve business quality. If a problem is found, it should be promptly


②The selection of materials should be scientific, and the hydraulic coupling and flame-retardant belt of qualified flame-retardant medium should be selected and used.

③It should be

Arrange professionals to check the belt conveyor regularly and maintain it regularly to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor.

④Not all luck

Coal belt conveyors can be used by people, and the belt conveyors that cannot be used by people are strictly prohibited.

⑤To keep the belt conveyor clean, do

No stagnant water, no silt, no impurities, and should be equipped with fire hoses and fire extinguishers. Belt loading conveyor technology finishing and release. Such as

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