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Different environment need different food conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-14
Now you understand the conveyor system of health and health factors, let's see if they will run the application and environment. Determine the position of the conveyor on the processing/packaging line to select the appropriate platform is very important. To involve the application of mobile raw food and ingredients, such as those found usually early in the manufacturing process, the need for more advanced health platform. For example, if the conveyor is moving raw chicken, then the platform often need to use the appropriate and disinfection cleaner completely removed. In order to effectively do this, the operator need to fully enter the conveyor all area disinfected. Due to the shift may need to health for many times, so the speed is very important. Conveyor should not stop for a long time, because it would have a negative impact to production. Carefully designed health conveyor can in the absence of tools by a person disassembly, cleaning and disinfection, and reassemble in about 10 minutes. As the product along the line continuation and into the packed and ready for shipment at the end of the stage, the pollution of health problems than early stage or in production. While in the production stage still needs a platform for health, but it does not require all health attribute of the strong. In this area of mobile sealing products, conveyor dust accumulation from cardboard packaging, corrugated, usually by mild and can develop without chemical cleaning, or just wipe the conveyor. Health in polished type conveyor category new design provides more flexibility for the company, enabling them to configuration and positioning conveyor system in its facilities. New belt technology can realize the transition curve of a more compact and improve products, thereby limiting conveyor of the whole area and minimize the damage of product. Here is the important content to apply appropriate conveyor and the appropriate level of health. In the example above, the two conveyor are health, but according to the different health standard. The wrong food conveyor installation error of the conveyor problem, such as simple stainless steel model, is used to request QiangWeiSheng, health of the application of the conveyor, in the long run, it will be a costly mistake. This stainless steel conveyor may not like heavy wash several times each day, just like the real health conveyor. Belts, motors and bearings will be easy to premature wear and increase the service. This means more downtime and more. But more importantly, pollution risk remains high. There is nothing major product recall or highly public pollution outbreak can erode consumer confidence in the brand more. When you add social media can be in the role of these types of events, the bad news will spread quickly. Install proper conveyor for work help to eliminate these problems. Do not modify the conveyor food grade conveyor general wash or wipe, low-pressure clean, non corrosive cleaner heavy wash, low or high pressure cleaning, compatible with corrosive cleaner - secondary packaging the bakery Biscuits, cookies, bread and steamed stuffed bun - candy Bulk processing, candy packing goods household chemicals cosmetics personal care products ( Except diary and juice) Dry pet food pharmaceutical - Dry baking - main food packaging products medical equipment field The dough processing/confectionery - and pie Coating area, prepackaged goods raw materials production and processing of dairy products - processing Liquid milk, yogurt and cheese, meat, seafood and poultry, ready-to-eat food without packing high moisture pet food pharmaceutical - leisure food Wet product
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