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Development status of conveying equipment machinery manufacturing technology

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-08
The development status of conveying equipment machinery manufacturing technology The development status of conveying equipment machinery manufacturing technology: The manufacturing industry continues to adopt manufacturing technology, but compared with the developed industry, there is still a phased overall gap. In developed industries, computer management is widely adopted, with emphasis on the renewal and development of organization and management systems and production models, and new management ideas and automated conveying machinery technologies such as just-in-time production, agile manufacturing, profitable production, and concurrent engineering have been introduced. I have only a few large companies that have partially adopted computer-aided management, and most small companies are still in the experience management stage. Manufacturing process. The developed industry widely adopts new processing methods such as high-density processing, fine processing, micro-processing, micro-machinery and micro/nano technology, laser processing technology, electromagnetic processing technology, superplastic processing technology and compound processing technology. The development trend of automated conveying equipment technology. On the one hand, due to the increasingly fierce competition with the market, for example, in the machinery manufacturing industry, many domestic and foreign companies, even high-level companies, have lost in this kind of ruthless competition, and some have closed down. Some were merged. On the other hand, the rapid development of network communication technology has promoted the development of enterprises in the direction of both competition and cooperation. This development has further intensified competition in the inter-market. The interaction of these two reasons has become the driving force for the development of chemical manufacturing. The technical basis of chemical manufacturing is network, and network communication technology enables manufacturing to be realized.
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