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Details that must be paid attention to in the packaging design of conveyor accessories

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-01

After the production of the conveying equipment is completed and there is no problem in debugging, the conveying equipment needs to be packaged and shipped. This involves how to pack the equipment and how to pack it. After all, some conveying equipment has a large area and a heavy volume. Let me share with you the following, if the conveying equipment should be packaged.

The current packaging methods are divided into the following two types:

1. Bare metal packaging
This method uses wrapping film, bubble film, cardboard, pad rail, etc. to wrap the equipment package, and then directly use the large truck for delivery. (News recommendation: an important link in the selection of loading conveyor roller accessories)

Second, wooden box packaging is mainly used when logistics delivery is required, and this method is usually used. Way.

1. The whole machine is the simplest case, we only need to measure the length, width and height of the device. Usually used on a single machine or small conveying equipment, it can reach the condition of the whole machine.

2. Simple disassembly
In this case, it is also a single machine and small equipment. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, the equipment legs are separated from the fuselage. First measure the length, width and height of the fuselage, and then consider the size of the outriggers. At this time, you can basically consider the increase in height; if there are multiple devices in a single order as shown in the figure below, the height should be appropriately calculated. .

3. Complex disassembly
This situation is involved in the case of equipment with a long single-line body and long-distance transportation. It should be noted that each disassembled component needs to be marked and individually packaged, so that the Reassembled on site. (News recommendation: The material size of the loading conveyor must be standardized to avoid jamming)

For equipment that requires complex disassembly, we need to measure the most disassembled parts first. The length and the widest dimension, according to the actual situation, we can carry out single-row stacking and double-row stacking. At the same time, we must consider the size of the pad rail, and we must also purchase wooden boxes according to the size of the pad rail.

When it is necessary to measure the turning conveying in time, it should be noted that the length of the wooden box is based on the measurement of the arc length and straight line of the outer fuselage board, and the width of the wooden box is based on the outer fuselage board to the inner The measurement of the arc length and straight line of the guillotine board shall prevail.

It should be emphasized that, considering the space occupied by the equipment in the wooden box, when we purchase the wooden box, the size of the wooden box applied for is certain It is larger than the actual size of the measured machine. If it is a complete machine, we only need to increase the length, width and height by 50mm. If it is disassembled and packed, we need to increase the length, width and height by 10mm.

When we do this work, we must be careful, not too small or too much in size, so as to ensure the safety of transportation and the greatest degree of cost savings.

Of course the equipment we produce has many specifications and shapes, but as long as we master the above basic methods, we can complete this project well Work.

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