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Detailed introduction of large inclination belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-17
The large inclination belt conveyor has a large conveying inclination angle, up to 90°, and is an ideal equipment for large inclination conveying and vertical lifting. Therefore, it can save floor space, save equipment investment and civil construction costs, and obtain good comprehensive economic benefits. This equipment has a simple structure, and each main component can be used in common with general belt conveyors, which is convenient for use and maintenance. Large inclination belt conveyor The machine runs reliably. Its reliability is almost equal to that of the usual belt conveyor. Smooth operation and low noise. Since there is no excavation resistance during loading and internal friction and external friction resistance of materials during operation, energy consumption is small. The vertical sidewall machine can also be equipped with any length of horizontal conveying section at the head and tail of the machine, which is convenient for connecting with other equipment. Large inclination belt conveyor corrugated sidewall loading conveyor belt: it plays the role of traction and bearing in the conveyor. The corrugated ribs, the transverse partition and the base belt form a'gate'-shaped container for conveying materials, so as to realize large inclination conveying. Drive: It is the power part of the conveyor. It is composed of Y series motor, ZJ type shaft-mounted reducer, and wedge type backstop. Drive roller: It is the main part of power transmission, and the conveyor belt runs by the friction between it and the drive roller. This series of transmission rollers are divided into rubber surface and smooth surface. The rubber surface roller is to increase the adhesion between the roller and the conveyor belt. Change direction roller: used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt. The reversing roller is used on the lower surface of the conveyor belt (non-bearing surface). Pressure roller: Used to change the running direction of the loading conveyor belt, and the pressure roller is used on the upper surface (loading surface) of the conveyor belt. Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in grain machinery and equipment. Products are widely used in agriculture, chemical industry, medicine, food, light industry, grain and oil, feed and other industries to improve production efficiency to the greatest extent and promote the process of scientific and technological modernization. Machinery will continue to provide users with satisfactory products and services.
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