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Detailed grain conveying machinery

by:YiFan     2021-06-13
In the process of production and processing, grain needs to be transported uninterruptedly, and it takes a long time. It is necessary to choose the right grain conveying equipment. The grain loading conveyor is a good choice. The following describes:    grain loading conveyor by It is composed of driving device, driving roller, driven roller, idler roller, hydraulic lifting system, hand lifting system, tensioning device, baffle plate, hopper, belt and frame. The    head drive device is composed of a motor, a reducer and a transmission device. The power is driven by the motor and reducer to rotate the active drum (when equipped with electric drum, it is directly driven by the electric drum), and the active drum uses the friction between it and the belt to drive the belt to run. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of conveying different materials, our company can also design and adjust its operating speed according to the special requirements of customers. Please refer to the main technical parameter table for the relationship between specific speed and conveying volume. The points are different.  The driven roller is installed at the rear of the frame. It consists of a roller, two tail wheel sliding seats and bearings.  The advantage of using the grain conveyor is to ensure that the labor intensity of the operators is reduced, and the production tasks are completed with quality and quantity.
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