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Design - roller conveyor lineProduct with single/double chain conveyor steel tube

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-29

Product put single/double chain product conveyor steel tube features:

 1, the typical sleeve friction product, the size of the product to put force associated with load. Within 

2, optical ball bearings and plastic, the design of the coat is made up of a critical bearing components, it is not only beautiful, more and more the key is to make the roller run faster and calm. 

 3, the plastic end cover at the end of the roller design, can be on a certain degree to prevent dust and splash water for bearing damage.

 4, use steel sprocket as the driving element, more and more light. 5, general appropriate delivery goods weight of 10 ~ 30 kg. 6, the limited temperature: - 5℃~+40℃。 Second, the product put single/double chain product conveyor steel tube parameters configuration, perhaps because the market on numerous manufacturer of roller, related parameters of each manufacturer also have differences, when we in the design should be based on our own need for selection.  

Three single/double, product conveyor steel sprocket product tube type: a single wheel and double chain type, double chain type diagram: second, double chain type diagram: single/double three, product conveyor steel sprocket product tube size: product with single/double chain product conveyor steel tube size we usually contains pipe diameter, diameter of axle, drum length ( Ontology + sprocket) , pipe diameter, wall thickness and needs of the specifications of the transmission belt, etc. When we were in the design, we must give full consideration to these parameters, such as the design of the roller length depending on what we need to transport the goods to the size of the definition, the weight of the tube wall thickness to consider we delivery goods and placed to consider, if the product itself is equal or place action is equal, we choice diameter wall thick cylinder, in case of difficult to crush. When we design the length of the cylinder can be customized, suppliers usually provide such service. 

 Four single/double, product conveyor steel sprocket product tube material: product with single/double chain product conveyor steel tube pipe materials usually have: steel, galvanized, stainless steel; We in the design of roller conveyor line, should fully consider the factor of these materials, in different occasions and different products with different options, such as environmental moisture, high temperature ( Low temperature) Environment, corrosion environment and friction coefficient is higher than smaller transport process in the and so on. 

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