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Design direction of stepper conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-27

Stepping workpiece loading conveyor is a kind of material handling machinery that can transport workpieces intermittently and keep the distance between the conveyed workpieces equal. Material conveyors are widely used in industrial automation production lines.

Whether at home or abroad, at present, few people use virtual prototype technology to study the characteristics of stepping workpiece conveyors. The application of ordinary methods requires a lot of calculation and it is difficult to accurately analyze the speed and speed of the conveyor. The change law of acceleration with time, and the application of ADAMS software to model and simulate the conveying mechanism of the stepping workpiece conveyor can accurately obtain the regular curve of the speed and acceleration of the conveying frame changing with the crank angle. In this paper, the modern mechanical design method is used. The research process is simplified, and the research results are closer to reality, which is innovative.

At the starting point of the working stroke, the acceleration of the loading conveyor frame of the material conveyor is large, and the inertial force when the push claw contacts the workpiece is large , it will cause a serious impact of the push claw on the workpiece, which will not only damage the surface of the workpiece, which is not conducive to production, but also affect the working performance and service life of the entire mechanical system. On the basis, the original crank-rocker-rocker-slider mechanism was changed into. The swing guide rod-guide rod slider mechanism, and the linear guide groove in the swing guide rod is changed to a circular arc guide groove, so that the conveyor can be stopped for a short time at the starting point and ending point of the working stroke and the idle return stroke, so as to achieve a short-term stop. Reduce the impact force of the push claw on the workpiece.

The mechanical system of the stepping workpiece conveyor is composed of the transmission system, the workpiece unloading mechanism and the conveying mechanism. The preliminary design scheme of the conveying mechanism of the material conveyor adopts the crank rocker-rocker slider mechanism to realize the conveying The reciprocating linear motion of the rack is used. The virtual prototype model of the conveying mechanism is established by ADAMS software, and the speed and acceleration response curves of the conveying rack are obtained through kinematics simulation analysis, so as to judge whether the motion plan is reasonable and find problems quickly, and then optimize the plan. An improvement plan for the conveying mechanism is proposed, and the swing guide rod-guide rod slider mechanism with arc guide groove is adopted. At this time, the material conveyor conveying frame realizes the reciprocating linear motion with pause, which meets the working requirements of the conveyor . In the development process of the step-by-step workpiece loading conveyor, replacing the physical prototype with a virtual prototype can find out the problems in the model as soon as possible, so as to remediate it in time, which can not only shorten the development cycle, but also greatly improve the design efficiency, and can improve the efficiency of the design. Provide a certain basis for the manufacture of physical prototypes

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