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Design and Turning Device of Circular Tube Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-24

The use of circular tube belt conveyors should be designed according to the usage conditions. First, the construction object and the factors affected by the environment should be considered, and then the customization of the conveying equipment. The round tube belt conveyor has the advantages of stable performance, energy saving and environmental protection. In practical application, the key point is the design of the conveyor. Consider using the belt turning device to optimize it. Let's learn about it together.

Circular tube belt loading conveyor

Technical layout of circular tube waiting material

In the design process of the two-way conveyor belt conveyor, the main bearing branch in the process layout is the lower branch; and the function of the upper branch is the return branch. Because the transport capacity of the carrying branch is relatively large during the operation of the equipment, in the process of driving arrangement, it is necessary to arrange two sets of driving devices at the head and one set of driving at the tail for processing.

On the basis of the traditional belt machine process, the traditional inseparable upper and lower branched tubular tapes are used to optimize the process of the head and tail receiving sections. The idler group in the type machine can be effectively separated, and it is transformed into a single-branch conveying method. In the transition section adjacent to the re-routing roller, it is optimized by increasing the material receiving point, and the unloading point must be added at the re-directing roller position. feed point.

Two-way belt conveyor

belt turning device

belt turning device The belt device is mainly optimized by using the pinch roller to guide the reversal, that is to set a pair of vertical idlers at the 1/2 position of the reversing section; at the same time, the 1/4 and 3/4 In the position of 4, add a pair of 45° inclined idlers respectively. This method has the purpose of shortening the distance of the turning belt, and when the distance is greater than 1 It is more suitable for long-distance conveyor belts of
000 m.

According to the main characteristics of the project belt machine design, analyze the material characteristics of the loading conveyor belt, and set the belt turning distance between the head and tail of the belt machine to 24m in the design . In the design, various factors such as space are integrated, and the tail of the belt turning device is arranged horizontally, while the head is mainly optimized by vertical arrangement.

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