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Design and manufacture standards and characteristics of high temperature resistant screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-20
2014-11-13 09:57:50 High temperature resistant screw conveyor is a structure different from ordinary screw conveyors. Because high temperature resistance is required, the wall thickness of the outer tube and the shaft tube and the thickness of the blade have high requirements. High temperature screw conveyor pipe diameter thickness ≥ 10mm, blade thickness ≥ 6mm, shaft tube ≥ 6mm, the diameter of the shaft tube should be larger. There is a more important one. If there is no high temperature bearing, the bearing must be externally installed. Otherwise. Bearings are easy to melt. If the above conditions are met, the temperature of the material conveyed by the screw conveyor can reach: 0°-300°   high temperature resistant screw loading conveyor is equipped with a water cooling system, the material is 304.316L, 310S and other high temperature resistant, the bearing is imported and the motor is selected Hengshui Mengniu Motor (national inspection-free product) high temperature resistant screw conveyors are widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, chemical, food, medicine and other industries. The temperature is below 300 ℃ in various powder, granular, block and mixture High temperature resistant screw conveyor is a kind of vibration conveying equipment for high temperature materials with strong versatility and advanced structure. For example: the transportation of raw materials, intermediate semi-finished products and finished products in the cement industry, the transportation of solid raw materials and semi-finished products in the chemical industry, the transportation of ore, concentrate and tailings in the mining industry, and so on.  High temperature resistant screw conveyor main features:   1, this machine is suitable for horizontal conveyor, not easy to convey with inclination.  2. The high temperature resistant screw conveyor adopts seamless steel pipe, which has good sealing performance and uniform material temperature.  3. Large conveying output, low speed, strong and durable.  4. The screw conveyor has a compact structure and good wear resistance.
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