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Describe the application of stainless steel conveyor mesh belt in industrial automation.

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-01-24

Describe the application of stainless steel conveyor mesh belt in industrial automation.

1. The conveying surface of the conveyor is smooth and smooth, with low friction. Transitions between materials are smooth. It can transport various glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, as well as various packaging bags.

2. There are materials such as stainless steel and engineering plastics, with complete specifications, which can be selected according to the requirements of materials and technologies, and can meet the different needs of all walks of life. 3. It has a large bearing capacity and can carry large loads, such as electric vehicles, motorcycles, generators and other industries.

4. The conveying speed is accurate and stable, ensuring accurate synchronous transmission.

The chain conveyor can be washed directly in water or soaked in water directly. The equipment is easy to clean, and the chain conveyor can meet the health requirements of the food and beverage industry.

6. The layout of the device is flexible. It can be conveyed horizontally, inclined, and turned on the conveyor line.

7. The equipment is simple in structure and easy to maintain. The standard bearing surface chain plate is driven by a motor reducer; we can make parallel chain plates and chain plate conveyors with very wide and differential forms, and there is no extrusion to separate columns during transportation. Use speed difference to convey chain plate columns to meet Labeling, beverage filling and cleaning equipment need to be delivered separately, and can also be divided into multiple columns, walking slowly, resulting in storage capacity, to meet the needs of a large number of feed storage bottles, sterilizers, and cold bottle machines, we can combine two loading conveyor nets Mixed chains with heads and tails repeat to make bottles (cans).

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