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Data signal control system of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-25
The belt conveyor is a large and medium-sized industrial equipment that is transported according to the change potential. The application of the belt conveyor must not only master the overall structure, but also master its large electronic signal control system.

The system software takes PLC as the leading control panel, and carries out the design scheme of the communication system of the belt loading conveyor line according to the working standard of the coal mine on the spot. The system software has the functions of line data signal data and Chinese character synchronization display, memory function, wireless data transmission function and integrated operation data signal locking function in manufacturing, which greatly improves the intelligent system level and coefficient of the system software.

The data signal control system of the belt loading conveyor is mostly designed with integrated circuit chips or single-chip microcomputers. Compared with the PLC programmable controller, the maintenance and application of the former one are very complicated, the equipment failure rate is high, and the characteristics It is unstable and prone to misoperation. The software of the belt loading conveyor system is based on the PLC controller. The selection of LED screen synchronous simulation shows that it can carry out on-site programming, and it is very easy to deal with various problems in production. The error operation rate is low, and the actual operation is simple. Greatly improve the adaptability of plant system software.

After everyone has mastered all the belt conveyor system software, it can be used more easily in the middle and later stages of application, and carry out actual operations according to the operation process to prevent accidents.

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