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Daily precautions for flexible chain conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-27
The flexible chain plate conveyor is a situation combined three-dimensional conveying system, which adopts aluminum alloy frame and plastic-steel conveyor chain. It has a smart, lightweight, beautiful, standardized structure, modular design, fast installation, random, stable system, compact, quiet, no pollution, widely used in production lines with high hygiene requirements, small site range, cleanliness, and high degree of automation. .It has the advantages of small turning radius and strong climbing. It is an ideal and convenient product for automatic connection in pharmaceutical factories, cosmetic factories, food factories, bearing factories and other industries.

This system can be large or small, flexible and easy to operate. It can be made into various conveying methods such as supporting, pushing, hanging and clamping, and can form various functions of aggregate, diversion, sorting, and confluence. Various pneumatic, electric and motorized automatic control devices, and according to the different needs of users, form various forms of production lines.

The flexible chain plate loading conveyor brings great convenience to the production operation of the enterprise and realizes the automatic production of the enterprise. Due to the flexible, light and standardized structure of the flexible chain plate conveyor, the installation is fast, quiet and It is pollution-free, so it quickly gets a lot of space for use, which brings a qualitative leap to the production method of the enterprise, greatly reduces the production cost of the product, and improves the competitiveness of the product. The development of flexible chain plate conveying equipment has been in development for decades. With the development of the economy, the advancement of science and technology and the continuous introduction of advanced technology, the flexible chain plate conveyor industry is also constantly updating products, adapting to market demand, and continuously bringing enterprises to the market. Come to advanced conveying equipment to improve product production efficiency.
Daily precautions for flexible chain plate conveyors:
 (1) During the use of flexible chain plate conveyors, it is strictly forbidden to use belts of different types and specifications together.
 (2) Prevent folding and pressing of hard objects during use. It should be used and stored in coils. 
 (3) Before use, generally start the machine empty to avoid overloading of the motor and slipping of the conveyor belt. Before stopping the machine, all the materials on the belt should be unloaded. 
 (4) The direction of conveying material and the speed of material falling are consistent with the direction and speed of the belt. 
 (5) The tension should not be too large during use, and it should be ensured that it works under the minimum tension on the premise that the transmission roller does not slip and the material does not transition. 
 (6) If the phenomenon of slippage or pulling does not occur during use, the fault should be eliminated in time, the tensioning system should be adjusted, and the tensioning device should be kept flexible. 
 (7) The flexible chain plate conveyor should not make the belt deviate or meander during conveying, and should be adjusted in time.

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