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Daily operation rules of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-27
Mobile loading conveyor is a type of conveyor often used in daily production. There are not a few people who operate this type of conveyor. However, it is still inevitable that there will be problems of this kind in operation, and some even life safety problems. The reason is that we do not follow our safe operating procedures in our daily operations, and sometimes we are at a loss when the situation arises. Below I will sort out the operating procedures of the mobile conveyor for you, let us Let's learn together: 1. The fixed loading conveyor should be installed on a fixed foundation according to the prescribed installation method. Before the mobile conveyor is put into operation, the wheels should be wedged with triangle wood or braked. In order to avoid walking during work, when there are multiple conveyors operating in parallel, there should be a one-meter passage between the machine and the machine and between the machine and the wall. 2. Before using the loading conveyor, check whether the running parts, tape buckles and load-bearing devices are normal, and whether the protective cover is complete. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to an appropriate level before starting. 3. The mobile conveyor should be started without load for 3 to 5 minutes. Wait for normal operation before loading. It is forbidden to drive after loading the material. It is forbidden to sink the main drum of the belt conveyor into the material pile. It is forbidden to sprinkle water on the belt and drum. 4. When the tape runs off, slips, jumps, etc. during operation, it is strictly forbidden to use pedals, hand pulls, pressing rods, stuffing things between the runners and belts, etc. to deal with it. The adjustment should be made when the equipment is stopped and the power supply is cut off. It is strictly forbidden to perform maintenance while running. Do not use it reluctantly with disease, so as not to wear the edges and increase the load. 5. It is forbidden to pick up or ride on the belt. When the equipment is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the operating parts of the equipment by hand; it is strictly prohibited to cross the operating belt. 6. The conveyor motor must be well insulated. Do not pull and drag the cables of mobile conveyors. The motor must be grounded reliably. 7. The belt conveyor should be started without load. Feed in after normal operation. It is forbidden to drive after feeding. 8. When there are several conveyors running in series, they should start from the discharge end and start sequentially. Feeding can only be done after everything is in normal operation. 9. The working environment and the temperature of the delivered materials shall not be higher than 50°C and lower than -10°C. Do not transport materials with acid-base oils and organic solvents. 10. The feeding must be stopped before stopping, and the belt can be stopped only when the material on the belt is exhausted. 11. After each use, put the equipment in a safe place, and at the same time, carry out necessary inspections and clean the equipment. Our machine builders should abide by such regulations every time they operate machinery. Only in this way can we truly achieve safe production, while maximizing the efficiency of the machine and maximizing the benefits of the enterprise.
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