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Daily inspection and maintenance content of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-09
1. Inspection before operation 1. Check the oil level of the reducer and whether the oil quality is normal; 2. Check whether the roller inside the belt and the head and tail rollers are condensed, and whether there is any accumulation of material on the ground that hinders the operation of the belt, which should be cleaned in time; 3. Confirm whether the cleaner is adjusted to the proper position; 4. Whether the idler roller is lacking, and whether the idler is flexible; 5. Whether the belt has cracks, fur or deviation; 6. Whether there is foreign matter in the belt inlet and outlet, and tension Whether it is appropriate; 7. Whether the rope pull switch is flexibly usable and reset; 8. Check whether the anchor bolts are loose or falling off; 9. Whether each feed opening baffle needs to be replaced. 2. Inspection during operation 1. Confirm whether the delivered material is correct; 2. Check whether the feeding is even, whether the material is accumulated at the inlet and outlet, and pay special attention to not having metal foreign objects stuck in the inlet and outlet to prevent damage to the belt ; 3. Check whether the reducer (motor-driven drum) has oil leakage or oil leakage, and replenish the oil shortage in time; 4. Check whether there are abnormal noises, vibrations, abnormal temperatures, and odors in all moving parts; 5. Belts Whether there is any deviation, adjust it in time; 6. Whether the belt is damaged, scratched, and whether the joint is in good condition; 7. Whether the belt cleaner is in normal working condition; 8. Whether the idler rotates flexibly and whether the guide wheel rotates flexibly; 9. . Check the wear of the retaining skin. 3. Maintenance and maintenance 1. Regularly replenish and replace the lubricating oil and grease at each lubrication point; 2. Keep the rollers and rollers clean and flexible; 3. The rollers with inflexible rotation and severe wear should be replaced in time; 4. Repair the damaged inlet and outlet hoppers in time, adjust the cleaner in time to ensure the cleaning effect; 5. Adjust the tensioning device and pull the rope switch to maintain flexible use; 6. Check the belt and belt joints to keep them in good condition; 7. Tighten each loose Bolt, replace the damaged cover.
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