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Correct maintenance of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-10
The advantages of the belt loading conveyor increase the efficiency of the production line. The long running time of the belt conveyor will cause some wear and tear of the conveying machinery and equipment, which will affect the progress of industrial production. Therefore, the belt conveyor also needs technical maintenance and maintenance. In order to ensure the operation and reliability of the belt conveyor to a certain extent, the most important thing is to discover and eliminate the probability of failure in time. For this reason, the operator must check the operation of the belt conveyor from time to time, and deal with it in time if any abnormality is found. Mechanical workers should also regularly inspect and inspect all the conditions and parts that need attention. The high-speed conveyor belt of the worn material of the conveyor may quickly wear its shell through, resulting in a knife edge, and an expensive conveyor belt will be slightly damaged by this knife edge. Trained workers or experienced workers can detect impending accidents in time and prevent them before they happen, which will also protect the belt loading conveyor to a certain extent. The conveyor belt of the belt conveyor accounts for a considerable proportion of the overall conveyor cost. In order to reduce the cost of replacing and repairing the belt conveyor, it is necessary to pay attention to the training of maintenance personnel and operators on the operation and maintenance knowledge.
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