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Correct maintenance and characteristics of stainless steel chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-09-01
The stainless steel chain loading conveyor is a kind of high-quality conveying equipment, and it has been widely used now. The chain loading conveyor can not only apply some basic beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment single-line transportation requirements, but also Chain plates of different widths and shapes can be selected according to requirements to complete the requirements of flat transportation, raising, flat turning, and lowering. The scope of use of chain conveyor: It is widely used for automatic transportation, distribution, and downstream packaging of food, cans, medicines, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning supplies, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco. The correct maintenance of the chain conveyor: (1) Check the fastening status of the connecting bolts of each chain plate, and tighten it in time if there is any looseness. (2) Check the tightening condition of each ministerial level inspection, and tighten it in time if there is any looseness. (3) It is necessary to pay attention to the smooth condition of the speed reducer of the chain conveyor, and the smooth oil should meet the requirements of the oil scale. (4) Pay attention to the connection between the inner and outer chain rights and the wheel. If there is wear or change in position, it should be dealt with in time. (5) After the operation of the chain loading conveyor, the equipment is comprehensively inspected, sorted and wiped, and the work site is sorted. (6) Check the smoothness of each working part of the chain conveyor. Lubricate oil (grease) should be filled according to the 'five rules' of equipment smoothness. Features of chain conveyor: (1) The conveying surface of chain conveyor is flat and smooth, with low friction, and the material transitions between the conveying lines smoothly. It can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, and can also be transported All kinds of luggage. (2) The chain plates are made of raw materials such as stainless steel and engineering plastics, with a wide variety of specifications, which can be selected according to the requirements of the materials to be transported and the process, which can meet the different needs of various industries. (3) The transportation ability is large and can carry large loads, such as electric vehicles, motorcycles, generators and other occupations; (4) The transportation speed is accurate and stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous transportation. (5) The equipment layout is sensitive. It can complete horizontal, skewed, turning, spiral, and lifting transportation on one transportation line.
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