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Conveyors commonly used in the food processing industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-17
From the TV and movies of ancient costumes, we often see the 'figures' of high-drum trucks and dump trucks that carry water. Its appearance solves the problem of ancient object transportation, saving time and effort, and this equipment is the modern bucket elevator and The prototype of the loading conveyor also solves the problem of material transportation in the food processing process.
At present, there are various types of conveyors on the market, such as flexible chain conveyors, belt conveyors, mesh chain conveyors, etc., which can meet the production needs of different food processing enterprises, and can transport cakes, bread, potato chips, Beverages, milk and other materials or finished items are one of the more common equipment in the food processing industry.

在In the beverage industry, the flexible chain conveyor can continuously transport beverages horizontally, vertically and inclined to achieve spatial production and transportation, which is very flexible and changeable. This type of model is suitable for transporting small and regular items. It is worth noting that if the items to be transported are larger in volume and heavier in quality, in the case of high-speed transportation of this type of equipment, the risk of material offline is likely to occur.

Cylindrical bottled and canned products commonly seen in our lives, such as condiments, beer, beverages, meat products, fruits, etc., can use flexible chain conveyors in the production and conveying process, which can effectively utilize space and equipment The link realizes vertical transportation in space, and at the same time avoids the long-term retention of bottles in the production gap during the production process, avoids the risk of downtime, and greatly improves production efficiency.  

带式输送机用于各行各业,它的使用范围很广,主要用于物品短距离的运输传送,比如食品加工业。 At the Shanghai International Baking Exhibition, items such as moon cakes, biscuits, steamed buns, and steamed buns are switched between different processing links through belt conveyors to meet the needs of automated, continuous and other assembly line operations.

It is understood that this type of equipment mainly relies on the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt to transmit power to realize material transportation. At the same time, with a deviation correction device, it can automatically detect the running trend of the belt, and carry out a deviation correction alarm at any time to prevent the material conveying from deviating from the production line. In addition, according to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be a single transmission, or multiple components or combined with other conveying equipment. The horizontal or inclined conveying system can effectively improve the continuous production efficiency of the whole machine.

据有关人员介绍,网链输送机采用不锈钢网带作为载体,适用于各种食品加工行业的烘干、去湿、冷冻等、热处理It is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and easy cleaning.

We know that in the process of food production and processing, it is impossible to transport horizontally, so we choose different forms of flat chain, which can realize various functions such as plane transportation, plane turning, lifting and lowering, etc., to meet the needs of many food processing enterprises. style delivery requirements.

In general, compared with its conveying methods, food processing enterprises use conveyor belts as transport carriers, which have the advantages of safe operation, convenient use, easy maintenance, and can realize automatic and continuous operation, which not only improves the Work efficiency, save labor, and reduce the production cost of enterprises to a certain extent.

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