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Conveyor roller how selection, and how to design?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-18
Roller is the introduction of absorption of foreign advanced technology, research and development of series products, with reasonable structure, low precision, high noise, turning agile, small load range, shape and durable obvious advantages, such as material handling system is indispensable conveyor accessories. We thought we provide various kinds of roller, no matter in what situation, no matter the style of the goods, weight and size, also we can have the most small to meet your delivery requirement. 1, roller type selection in step 2, selection of roller specifications ( 1) Different weight should choose appropriate diameter, the length of the roller, roller length can be production according to user requirements, often is the width of the goods under + 50 mm ( Figure 1) Yu sound machinery co. , LTD. , Shanghai has all kinds of roller can be used in different weight, length and the different requirements of the material delivery. ( 2) The use of different environment should choose the appropriate types of roller, such as dry environment should choose stainless steel or plastic type of roller. ( 3) Instead turn table is turning radius should be considered, in order to guarantee the success of the material delivery, Figure 2) 。 ( 4) As to ensure the stability of the goods transportation, it is necessary at any time about three roller and conveying stay in touch, soft bag packaging should be added when appropriate tray conveying ( FIG. 3) 。 3, the classification of roller ( 1) According to whether the power: no power roller and the power roller two small classes, all contain straight roller with cone roller type. ( 2) According to the driving effect: power roller can be divided into acting and really put type two kinds. ( 3) According to the driving forms: power roller can be divided into the drive (yuan dynasty Grooved) And belt drive ( Friction tape) With the chain drive ( With sprocket) List. ( 4) On the basis of bearing varieties: smart bearing box of special stamping bearings, bearing contains steel bridge with engineering plastic. ( 5) According to the barrel material: use a variety of materials, implement a variety of surface treatment, to satisfy all kinds of different material transfer under the use environment needs. ( 6) According to the installation method: axial spring loaded type with specific load type. 4, roller type code
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