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Conveyor not only conveys power, but also drives future development

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-25
2014-05-29 15:12:49 does give full play to the powerful function of conveying. It can be used as small as a certain production link in industrial production, as large as the transmission process between departments and departments, enterprises and enterprises. . In fact, in terms of the structure and function of the conveyor, the conveyor conveys not only materials, but also a new driving force and a future development direction. There is a record in Baidu Encyclopedia that compared with foreign conveyors, in fact, the history of conveyors in my country is much longer than theirs. Every time I see a conveyor, I think of the waterwheel that people stepped on with their feet in ancient times. I always feel that there are some similarities between them. Water and carts are an ancient irrigation tool in agriculture. I remember that they were introduced in detail in history textbooks. We have also seen it in many costume TVs. It can use the power of a person to step on it to make the scraper and bucket hold water while they are being wiped. The water bucket is gradually raised after being filled with river water. When it reaches the top, the water will naturally tilt, pour into the aqueduct, and flow into the farmland that needs irrigation. The waterwheel conveys water, but the loading conveyor conveys more things. From the perspective of the whole process of waterwheel operation, are they very similar? There are also many people in the industry who compare the waterwheel to the prototype of the current conveyor. Indeed, if you are to count from that time, the conveyor does have a long history in our country. The conveyor conveys not only goods and equipment, but also the driving force for social development, and it is the footprint of people's civilization and the direction of future development.
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