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Conveyor conveying efficiency is affected by four major factors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-24
The conveying efficiency of the conveyor is affected by the following four factors. The machine analyzes the following for you: 1. When conveying viscous materials, the materials are particularly easy to adhere to the spiral blades and the inner wall of the loading conveyor, which will greatly reduce the conveying efficiency At this time, we can choose the WLS shaftless screw conveyor. 2. The pipe diameter of the conveyor also affects the conveying efficiency of the equipment. The conveyor with a larger pipe diameter generally has a larger conveying capacity and a smaller pipe diameter. The efficiency is much higher. However, we need to choose a loading conveyor with a pipe diameter suitable for conveying materials. 3. The angle has a great influence on the conveying. If the angle is too large, the pressure of the material on the ground bearing will be doubled, especially for vertical conveying. If the bearing cannot withstand too much pressure, the equipment is prone to failure, which will affect the conveying process. 4 The particle size, temperature, water content, abrasiveness and corrosiveness of the material will also affect the conveying efficiency. The material characteristics are closely related to the speed of the loading conveyor. The high-speed conveyor has stricter requirements for manufacturing equipment, with good balance, large and medium specifications, and low speed, resulting in greater waste.

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