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Conveyor capacity

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-04
Belt loading conveyor is an indispensable economical and rhythmic logistics conveying equipment in the operation line of modern enterprises. Belt conveyors can be divided into light belt conveyors and heavy belt conveyors according to their conveying capacity. Today, I will mainly talk about light conveyors. Light belt conveyors are mainly used in electronic plastics, food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It also has strong conveying capacity and long conveying distance. In addition, its structure is easy to maintain, and program control and automatic operation can be implemented more conveniently. Since the belt loading conveyor mainly conveys materials through the conveyor belt, it is easy to cause the tearing of the conveyor belt when the material passes the conveyor belt for a long time. Therefore, the following analysis can be carried out on the cause of the longitudinal tear of the belt:    Material jamming, jamming and tearing . This situation occurs in the lower part of the belt loading conveyor chute. Because the distance between the front edge of the chute and the belt surface is limited, and the buffer rollers under the belt are distributed at intervals, the natural bearing capacity is uneven. When the length of one side of the conveyed material exceeds this distance, under special circumstances, it is easy to cause a large piece of material to be stuck between the front edge of the chute and the belt, and the belt is squeezed forcefully to cause tearing. The shaft core is torn; the belt sometimes causes the wire rope in the belt to break under the action of the severely cracked impact force. After a long time of external forces such as grinding, bending, pressing, and pulling, the broken wire rope end will be connected from the belt Places, sticky mouths, or severely worn areas are exposed outside the cover glue. When the exposed wire rope reaches a certain length, it can be twisted into the drum, idler, etc. As the belt rotates, the wire rope is drawn out from the belt cover rubber, causing tears.
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