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Conveyor belt what is the difference between light and heavy?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-31
Conveyor, belt conveyor in the agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises, and transportation is widely used for conveying of various solid block and powder materials or items, conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, the transport of large dip Angle, conveyor operation safety, conveyor belt use is simple, easy maintenance, low freight, and can reduce the engineering cost, shorten the transportation distance, economically. Conveying belt conveyor belt, English name, also known as conveyor belt, is used in belt conveyor belt of carrying and transporting materials, rubber and fiber, metal composite products or plastic and fabric composite products. Conveyor belt is widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, iron and steel industry in the transmission distance is shorter, throughput is small. A, foshan conveyor belt material, generally choose the material is PVC, PU, silica gel, teflon, etc. , the material itself, avirulent insipidity, can be transported with direct contact. In order to enhance certain performance, can change a certain formula. Heavy duty conveyor belt, the material is given priority to with rubber, smells great, easy to produce poisonous gas, suitable for transporting ore, sand, etc. PVC flat belt, decorative pattern, light conveyor belt, two types of decorative pattern, have grass, drilling stone, a word, fabric, grid lines, etc. , according to different transmission environment, the choice of different pattern. Less heavy with decorative pattern, mainly herringbone, grass grain, plane is given priority to, suitable for rock blasting and other bad environment. PVC conveyor belt, the thickness of the thickness of the conveyor belt in guangzhou there are many, from the most thin 0. 1 mm to 10 mm thick most, according to the size of the conveyor roller, choosing the right conveyor belt. The thickness of the heavy duty conveyor belt is in commonly more than 7 mm thick heavy. The use environment of EP conveyor belt, light conveyor belt is suitable for indoor use, suitable for room temperature environment, according to the flow of different temperature, can change the formula, production of cold resistant conveyor belt or high temperature resistant conveyor belt. Heavy rubber belt formula is stable, generally used for outdoor conveyor, adapt to bad environment. Five paddle conveyor belt, suitable industry, mainly used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, printing, wood, textile, packaging, ceramics, electronics, instrumentation, stone and the conventional industry such as the tobacco material conveying system. Heavy duty conveyor belt, is mainly used in mines, ports, power plants, cement plants, steel mills, granary conveying materials such as heavy, high strength requirement of conveyor system. Guangzhou since it was founded in 2007, adhere to the enterprise culture promotion enterprise core competitiveness, follows: & other; Cooperation and development, to win more & throughout; The management idea, has an experienced management team, complementary advantages. There are more than 130 employees, the company specializing in the production of a variety of assembly line, assembly line production line, assembly line, times the speed chain; The company after many years of industry efforts, has now become the largest assembly line, assembly line in guangzhou, times the speed of production line, production line manufacturers; Its products in the industry has a higher visibility.
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