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Conveyor belt joint method commonly used joint fracture

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-01
Conveyor belt joint fracture do? Conveyor belt is the soul of the whole conveyor, in relation to the whole line body work to obey, but longer conveyer belt are joint, if joint fracture, the entire line body is necessary to paralysis. In order to let everybody met joint fracture when use, can timely and useful. The belt conveyor of joint strength is lower than in other parts of the strength, if use mechanical connection, the strength of the joint can only reach 40 - with body strength About 50%, the strength is far from satisfied conveyor normal standard. Common coupling method is to use cooling gel, strength can reach 60 - the connection method 70%, and the best way is to hot glue, hot glue strength can reach 80 - 90%.
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