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Conveyor bearing annular tip sleeve innovation saves time, effort and efficiency

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-01

Professional production and sales of conveyor manufacturers YiFan's author will discuss with you about the innovation of loading conveyor bearing annular top sleeve, which saves time, labor and efficiency.
company's loading conveyor workshop produces many types of conveyors, bearing diameters are different, turning the outer circle of the conveyor

When needing different diameters to match the supporting bearing position, the previous horizontal lathe top is heavy, and it costs one time to disassemble and replace it.

It is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which affects the processing efficiency and has hidden safety hazards, and the use effect is also very unsatisfactory.

A company has been engaged in conveyor processing. According to the diameter of the bearing position of the loading conveyor of different models

, process different sizes of annular tip sleeves, so that the outer diameter matches the bearing diameter of different conveyors, and the inner diameter is the same

Match with the center of the horizontal lathe, and open a hole on the ring center sleeve to produce a certain deformation, which is very convenient for ring

Put in and out of the top cover.

The benefit of this innovation is that the machining personnel turn the conveyor on the horizontal lathe When the machine is external, it can be conveyed according to different models

The diameter of the machine bearing position, select the corresponding annular center sleeve, put it into the conveyor bearing position, without changing the center of the lathe, it can be straight

The original top is used for card loading, which saves the time of replacing the top, which is convenient and quick and improves the work efficiency. Ningbo Xingde

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