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Conveyor accessories what are the precautions for safe operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-30

the first, conveyor accessories work when we need to work according to the different categories targeted, if it is a stationary belt conveyor accessories must ensure that a fixed firmly, if it is a mobile conveyor accessories must keep wheels symmetric wedge tight, if many kinds of conveyor accessories work around it is important to ensure that no impurities affect the work.

2, before work, must ensure that conveyor belt firmly, firmness, bearing gear chain of good sex, the safety and reliability of the protective device.

the third, it is important to ensure that run before packing is normal, rather than running after loading first, you must be aware of this.

4, must maintain uniformity of feeding, homework must be timely attention in the process of conveyor belt conveyor accessories elastic, partial phenomenon, if there is a problem timely stop processing.

5, no one can be from under the belt conveyor accessories work time, also can't stop under the condition of cleaning or repair work, these are very dangerous behavior.

so we in the process of using conveyor accessories above these safety considerations are important, the promotion accessories to use performance, increase the service life of the effective guarantee, so we must be skilled operators to master these skills.

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