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Conveying tells you how to reduce the number of failures of chain conveyors?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-10
How to reduce the number of failures of chain conveyors? There are many types of chain conveyor failures, and the substantial reasons for the failures are intertwined, but as long as the next five aspects are done well, the failure rate can be effectively reduced, the normal operation of the loading conveyor is guaranteed, and the normal operation of the entire production system is guaranteed. 1. The selection of conveyor chain components. When purchasing, choose a reasonable chain conveyor according to the actual conveying conditions, so as to select the specifications and types of the appropriate conveyor chain components (chain plate, link chain, and link chain). It is necessary to select products from manufacturers that have been verified by reality, have excellent reputation and meet relevant quality standards, eliminate the use of unqualified transmission chains, and enhance the quality control of the connecting chain and the material of the connecting chain. Consider both its strength and its extension. Use anti-corrosion treatment components to improve the corrosion resistance strength of the chain plate; try to avoid appearance defects at the junction of the arc of the chain link and the inner side of the straight edge, so as to reduce the stress concentration there and slow down the occurrence of cracks. 2. Assembly of the conveyor chain The conveyor chain must be assembled strictly according to the matched chain at the factory. The length of the chain must be provided in accordance with the installation requirements. The chain must not show signs of distortion; the installation position and direction of the chain plate, link link, and link chain should match the installation Requirement; the welding seam of the vertical ring of the link link should be upward to reduce the wear of the link weld and the wear of the weld on the groove bottom plate, so as to extend the life of the link; the link must be accurately connected according to the installation requirements, bolts or The pin must be installed in place; frequent jog is strictly prohibited during the installation process to avoid damage to the parts. 3. Pre-tensioning of the conveyor chain. The tension of the conveyor chain should be moderate to meet the installation requirements. Check whether the conveyor chain is properly tensioned. The easiest way is to assemble the tension chain by inching drive and count the number of loose connection chains at the lower part of the sprocket of the machine head. If there are more than two, remove some connection chains. . Within two weeks of the start of operation of the chain loading conveyor, special attention should be paid to the conveyor chain of the chain conveyor. As part of the elastic deformation of the conveyor chain will gradually disappear in the early stage of operation, it must be tensioned in time to avoid chain jumping, Card chain sign. 4. Routine maintenance of the chain conveyor ①, the chain loading conveyor needs to be replaced with lubricant at each lubrication point regularly ②, the chain link with weak reliability, excessive deformation and wear exceeding the limit must be replaced in time; ③ , After the chain plate conveyor has been running for a period of time, the direction of the horizontal and vertical links of the connecting chain can be changed to change the wear position, thereby extending the service life of the connecting chain; ④. Adjust the tension of the conveying chain in time to ensure The pre-tension of the chain meets the requirements; ⑤, the chain plate spacing should meet the installation requirements, and the missing or damaged chain plates should be filled or replaced in time; the excessively worn power sprocket should be replaced in time to avoid damage to other parts and the transmission chain; ⑥. When using old connecting chains, connecting chains of equal length must be used in pairs. It is strictly forbidden to use connecting chains with different lengths and connecting chains whose breaking strength does not reach the standard. During the operation of the chain conveyor, it is strictly forbidden to prevent the accumulation and overload of materials caused by waiting materials, and eliminate the large materials in time. It is best to increase the large pieces and steel debris at the feeding place to screen and assemble; ⑦, chain conveyor chain conveyor The trough should pass, and foreign objects should be cleaned up in time.
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