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Conveying speed of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-23
When the speed of the mobile conveyor belt is in use, we have a lot to pay attention to in the conveyor. There are several ways to choose the speed of the belt when in use. The following is an introduction: The mobile loading conveyor has a large conveying capacity and a conveyor belt. When it is wider, a higher belt speed should be selected. For materials that are easy to roll, have large particle size, have strong abrasiveness, or are easy to raise dust, and require high environmental sanitation conditions, a lower belt speed should be selected. But whether it is high belt speed or low belt speed, we need to operate strictly in accordance with the operating method, so as to ensure the safety of use. The conveyor with a long horizontal distance should choose a higher belt speed; if the conveying distance is short and the conveyor has a large inclination angle, the belt speed will be slower. The speed should be slower. This provides some reference for everyone when choosing a belt speed. What else is there besides this? The belt speed of the mobile conveyor is related to the belt width, conveying capacity, material properties, lumpiness and the inclination of the conveyor line. When the conveyor is transporting upwards, the inclination angle is large, and the belt speed should be low; when transporting downwards, the belt speed should be even lower; when transporting horizontally, a high belt speed can be selected. The belt speed should also consider the type of conveyor unloading device. When a plough unloading vehicle is used, the belt speed should not exceed 3.15m/s. These are closely related to the safe use of mobile conveyors, and we need to pay attention to them.
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