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by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-09
In the processing, production and logistics transmission and material transportation, there must be the transportation of products and goods, and in the above transportation places, material handling equipment is indispensable. With the development and progress of modern technology and manufacturing technology, in order to seek economical and reasonable transportation and the configuration and management of its system, material handling has gradually evolved from the pure handling and loading and unloading operations in the past to the selection and identification of materials. , Classification, packaging, storage and logistics information transmission, including new concepts of logistics engineering systems with complex functions. Because the soil in nature, various mineral resources and even food, salt, and sugar in daily life; cement and sand in building materials; a large number of raw materials, coatings, abrasives in industry, and a large number of industrial products such as plastics are all powdered , Granular and lumps; therefore, there are many varieties and forms of technology and equipment for conveying the above-mentioned bulk materials and various finished items in the production process. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, human beings pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and the technology of conveying machinery has been developed rapidly and widely used. Continuous conveying machinery is a conveying equipment that reduces people's tedious physical labor and improves work efficiency. It is used to convey bulk bulk materials or finished items in various production departments of the national economy and in the process of material circulation. Continuous conveying machinery has become the key equipment or important auxiliary machinery in many technological processes, and its application is very wide. In the 50 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the products of the continuous conveying machinery industry have been continuously updated and developed, and the technology has been continuously innovated and advanced. Especially since the reform and opening up, new materials, new processes, new products and new design methods have continued to appear, and foreign countries have been introduced, absorbed and digested. Advanced technology and equipment.
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