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Conveying machinery and equipment are widely used in these places

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-08

Conveyors are widely used, providing power for production and conveying, which greatly saves labor costs. Conveyors are characterized by strong carrying capacity and can be assembled and produced on an assembly line. The following briefly introduces which fields the loading conveyor can be used in. .

Application of loading conveyor

is widely used in food, beverage, dairy products, beer, aquatic products processing, dehydrated vegetables, mineral water, Meat products, pharmaceuticals, batteries, Lunmei tires, tobacco, can making, glass, electronics, bearings, auto parts and other industries. The conveyor can be made into special equipment such as bottle storage table, elevator, sterilizer, vegetable washing machine, bottle cooler and meat food conveying by selecting different conveyor belts.

assembly line application

1, plate chain type Assembly line

Characteristics: The products carried are relatively heavy, and the products run synchronously with the production line, which can achieve product climbing; the production rhythm is not very fast; the chain plate surface is used as the load to achieve smooth transportation of products. The most common faults of roller conveyors

2. Roller type assembly line

Features: It can carry a wide range of product types and is less restricted; and When used in conjunction with the stopper, the functions of continuous, rhythmic operation and accumulation and release of products can be realized; the lifting and translation device can be used to realize off-line repair or inspection of products without affecting the operation of the entire assembly line.

3. Belt-type assembly line

Features: The products carried are relatively light, and the shape restrictions are less; Steering uphill; with belt as carrier and conveying, it can realize smooth conveying of products with low noise; conveying light materials or products over a long distance can be realized.

4. Differential conveying line

Features: The differential conveying line adopts double-speed chain traction, the tooling plate can be freely conveyed, and the blocker is used Positioning allows the workpiece to move or stop freely, and the workpiece can be automatically lifted at both ends and traversed. You can also set up rotation, special machines, testing equipment, manipulators, etc. online.

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