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Conveying conditions to be considered when choosing a conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-31
Whether it is transporting loose materials or hard materials, the conveying direction of the conveyor is very variable, and the conveying direction can reach 180 degrees. When purchasing a conveyor from a conveyor manufacturer, what conveying conditions need to be considered? Let me tell you about the machine below. 1. According to the distance to be conveyed, choose horizontal conveying or climbing conveying. If it is horizontal conveying, just measure the conveying distance. Climbing conveying should be raised from the starting point to the distance after the end point. 2. Conveyors often remind you that you should also decide the design of the conveyor according to the material being conveyed. If conveying lighter materials, you don’t need to use too large and thick materials. For heavier materials, you should use reinforced materials. Make. 3. In addition, there are requirements for the conveying volume of the conveyor. There are requirements for the conveying volume. It is necessary to calculate the ratio according to the specific gravity of the material and the conveying volume, and install a motor with a suitable power. It is recommended that you consider the above conditions when purchasing conveyors in the future, so that the conveyor you choose is more suitable. We are a loading conveyor manufacturer and operate all kinds of conveyors. Welcome to our company to discuss cooperation.
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