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Conveying characteristics of special materials by vertical screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-25
2016-07-05 09:55:15 Vertical screw loading conveyor is a more suitable conveying equipment for conveying materials that are susceptible to moisture, heat sensitivity, do not allow impurities to be mixed in the conveying process, and explosion-proof materials. In order to meet the needs of users, we designed a new type of vertical screw conveyor, the design points are as follows:   1: reduce the critical speed. The measures taken for this purpose are: reduce the helix angle; reduce the friction angle between the material particles and the helix; increase the friction coefficient between the material particles and the shell wall.  2: The use of special sliding sleeve structure solves the hidden danger of material contamination. At the same time, the structure has a small cross-sectional area, reduces running resistance, and reduces power consumption.  3: When the spiral rotates, the sliding speed of the material particles at the outer edge of the spiral is high, and the speed should not be too high. Therefore, there are restrictions on the outer diameter of the spiral.  4: The increase in conveying power leads to an increase in the torque of the conveying shaft. In order to ensure the strength of the conveying shaft, its external dimensions should be increased accordingly. Due to the limitation of the outer diameter of the spiral, the large size of the conveying shaft is limited. Therefore, the large conveying power of the vertical screw conveyor is limited.  5: The key to the conveying height of the vertical screw conveyor is to be as small as possible for each additional meter of power consumption.  Technical characteristics: The new vertical screw loading conveyor is suitable for chemical, metallurgy, building materials, food, medicine and other industries, and its advantage is   1: the large conveying height can reach 28m.   2: Non-polluting materials, especially suitable for the transportation of clean materials.  3: The equipment process is simple in layout, small in area, and cost-effective.  4: In some occasions, it can replace bucket elevators to obtain higher economic benefits.
An increasing dependence on the use of gravity roller conveyor container loading machine has made numerous changes in the container loading machine industry over the past decades.
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