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Connection process measures of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-02
2015-04-25 10:50:48 The docking of    screw conveyors is often used for material conveying of two or more conveyors. According to its conveying process, its connection process measures are as follows:    1. When the screw conveyors are of the same model, according to the direction of material transportation, the number of revolutions of each connected conveyor can be adjusted from low to high.  2. If the model of screw loading conveyor is different, the order of the model of each conveyor can be adjusted from small to large.  3. When ordering equipment, you can indicate on the order form that the tail is not required, but it is only required to add a hanging tile close to the tail.  4. Considering the squeezing force of the vertically conveyed materials, an ash collection box can be added to the connection to buffer the squeezing of the materials to prevent the material from running out.   5. If the workshop space is spacious, the oblique butt joint of screw conveyor can also be used, and the process requirements are upward.  Usually, most of the raw materials and cement in cement plants are conveyed by screw conveyors. In the connection of two or more screw conveyors, a top-bottom or a climbing connection is often used (the inclination angle is generally less than 20°), but the above-mentioned method is often used for the connection between the new production line and the old production line. It will be limited by the space height of the original workshop and the original process layout, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to process layout and production. For this reason, the vertical docking of the screw conveyor is used to successfully complete the connection between the new and old production lines without affecting the normal production of the old line, and good economic benefits have been achieved.
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