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Conditions for automated assembly line production

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-06
With the further integration and development of economic globalization, traditional intensive processing and manufacturing industries such as clothing, electronics and other industries have higher and higher product manufacturing costs and lower and lower processing profits. In order to improve the overall profit rate of the enterprise, improve work efficiency, optimize the enterprise management process, and promote the level of high-quality economic development, it has become one of the effective means to improve production efficiency through information transformation. accept.

Conditions for automated assembly line production

1. The product structure and process are relatively stable, and it is a long-term and large-scale product.

2. The process can be divided into simple processes, and some processes can be appropriately combined and decomposed according to the requirements of process synchronization, and the single-piece time of each process should not be too different.

3. The output of the product is large enough, and the labor amount per unit product is also large, so as to ensure that there is enough load in each work place of the assembly line.

4. Raw materials and cooperative parts must be standard and standardized, and can be supplied on time.

5. There must be conditions for installing the assembly line.
Automated production lines can form a complete system because of the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as sensing technology, drive technology, mechanical technology, interface technology, and computer technology. Automated production lines have been widely used in various countries, because automated production lines have various production needs, effective integration and organization to optimize the overall equipment. Although the automated production line is derived from the traditional assembly line, its efficacy is far superior to the traditional assembly line, and there are many significant differences, including very high automation control, and the precision that the traditional assembly line does not have. Production rhythm.

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