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Comprehensive discussion: all aspects of roller conveyor information

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-18

The author of YiFan, a professional production and sales roller conveyor manufacturer, will give you a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the roller conveyor.

Roller conveyor is one of the main parts of conveyor equipment. Roller conveyors currently on the market

The machine will be different in terms of material and variety. Different types of roller conveyors are applicable to the scope of production.

It is not the same. Therefore, when consumer companies are producing and delivering materials, they must choose the roller conveyor according to the needs of production.

. When the roller conveyor transports production materials, it is calculated by the mass or volume of the materials transported per hour, and can be connected to

It is subjected to a larger shock load than the fuselage, and it can also transport a single piece of heavy material or bulky bulky material

, and also has the characteristics of large volume of goods, fast transportation and fast logistics operation, which can make various types of goods arrive at collinear points.

Guide properties for streams. Only by increasing the conveying speed of the conveyor can the operation of the roller conveyor be improved. When the conveyor belt is used as the traction member and the length of the conveyed material is large, the conveying speed of the roller conveyor will also increase accordingly.

The appearance and structure of the conveyor is relatively simple, and the reliability is strong. The maintenance of the conveyor in daily production operations is also important.

It is very convenient. At the same time, the conveying capacity of the roller conveyor is large, the transportation interval is long, and it can be completed at the same time during the conveying process.

Several process operations, so the roller loading conveyor conveyor is widely used in the conveyance of various boxes, bags, pallets and other goods.

There are many materials for roller conveyors, among which the commonly used materials are carbon steel galvanized, rubber coated, stainless steel wait, because

When choosing the model of the conveyor according to different industrial consumption, it should be determined according to the conveying load of the conveyor.

Roller conveyor conveyor of the same material and model. The fuselage of the roller conveyor loading conveyor is simple in design and structure, and is used in daily consumption.

Easy to use and maintain during operation. The roller conveyor conveyors are more convenient to filter and connect with each other, and it is not easy to operate.

It is very simple, and the reliability of the roller conveyor conveyor is very high, and it can also use multiple roller conveyor lines and other

Conveying equipment, including the logistics conveying system composed of complex roller conveyor conveying planes, as well as the diversion and confluence system. roll

The chain of the drum conveyor has good tensile strength and high toughness within a distance of not more than ten meters, and can be completed

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