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Comparison of characteristics of three common conveyor lines

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-01

The more common types of conveyor lines are plate chain assembly conveyor lines, rolling

Drum conveyor line and belt conveyor line, today Yuanfang Electromechanical will share with you the three types of conveyor lines

Features are as follows:

1. Plate chain assembly conveyor line . The characteristic of this loading conveyor line is that the products it carries are relatively heavy, which can be

Synchronized production needs now. In addition, because the chain plate surface is used as a load bearing, it can also ensure extremely high performance in the process of conveying products

High stability.

2. Roller conveyor assembly line. The feature of this conveyor line is that it is extremely limited and can pass through the phase of the blocker

Cooperating with each other to ensure the required functions of the product. In addition, due to the use of the jacking and translation device, the

During maintenance, it will not cause any delay in the operation of the conveyor line, which is very convenient.

3. Belt conveyor assembly line. The characteristics of this loading conveyor line are that it can ensure the needs of synchronous operation, and the conveying

The process is relatively stable and will not cause any noise. In addition, the long-distance transportation of some light materials can also pass through such a method.

style to achieve, which is its value. For more information on roller conveyor lines and unpowered roller conveyors, please visit me

The official website of the company.

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