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Common small problems and solutions for mobile conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-30
Mobile conveyors are prone to some problems in daily use. If the problems are not very serious or can be solved by ourselves, this will undoubtedly be of great help to our work. Therefore, for the mobile conveyor in daily use We should learn some ways to deal with the small problems that arise, so that we are not afraid of danger! Below I have summarized some small problems that may arise from daily moving conveyors. How should we solve them? Let's take a look;  (1) Degumming of the roller of the grain moving conveyor: too small a wrap angle and a too small friction coefficient will cause the rubber surface of the roller to be degummed. From the analysis of belt slip, it can be seen that the smaller the wrap angle of the roller, the smaller the friction coefficient, and the conveyor belt departs. The greater the minimum tension at the point, the easier the tape will slip. In the design, the wrap angle between the roller and the tape should be appropriately increased. During the production process, try to avoid the mixture of water and materials attached to the tape, (2) reduce the friction coefficient. The tape tension is too small, resulting in the degumming of the rubber surface of the tape roller. The belt conveyor tensioned by a heavy hammer can be solved by adding the weight of the heavy hammer. It should be added until it does not slip, but it should be noted that too much should be added. To avoid unnecessary excessive tension on the tape and reduce the service life of the tape. (3) The belt of the belt-type grain loading conveyor using spiral tensioning device and hydraulic tensioning device slips. The tensioning force can be increased by adjusting the tensioning stroke. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough, and the belt is permanently deformed. At this time, a section of the tape can be cut off, and then vulcanized again. The failure of the cleaner leads to the degumming of the roller. The cleaner is used to clean the materials adhering to the conveyor belt. The function failure of the cleaner will cause the material adhering on the conveyor belt to enter between the roller and the tape, causing wear between the material particles and the tape, resulting in the degumming of the rubber surface of the roller and reducing the service life of the tape. (4) The main reasons for the failure of the roller brake of the grain moving conveyor: whether the air pressure is abnormal, whether the air pipe is leaking or blocked; whether the brake pads are damaged; whether the brake discs on both sides of the roller are defective; whether the brake switch system is operated Failure, the brake command transmission is not smooth; whether the power transmission system blocks the power in time; for belt-type friction brakes, check whether the friction belt is loose or the friction factor drops, and should be adjusted or replaced. Knowing this, we can deal with the minor problems of the general mobile conveyor and it is absolutely no problem!
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