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Common sense of safe operation of conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-05
The machinery has told you before that the safe operation of the machinery is very important. The machinery introduced some accidents and emergencies that are prone to occur in the use of the loading conveyor. Safe operation is put in an important position, so I will introduce you to the safe operation rules of the conveyor, and I hope everyone can pay enough attention. The first is that the conveyor should be installed in a suitable work place according to regulations, and it needs to be relatively open and suitable for conveying. In addition, to avoid the conveyor's sliding and random turning during work, we should try to fix the loading conveyor to prevent any accidents during use. Another thing is to pay attention to the conveyed materials should be placed in the middle of the conveyor belt as much as possible when the conveyor is conveying, so as to avoid the deviation of the conveyor belt. And the weight of the conveyor belt must be within the weight of the material, so that it can be conveyed normally. When operating the conveyor, pay attention to it. Except for the operator, all irrelevant personnel are not allowed to approach the conveyor. I hope that the machinery can help you pay attention to the importance of the safe operation of the conveyor after telling you this, so as to ensure that people who do not have common sense of operation will have any accidents when approaching the conveyor.
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