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Common sense of mobile conveyor operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-29
Although the use of mobile conveyors is not as much as belt conveyors, it is very easy to use mobile conveyors where there are restrictions on the conveying space. So even if we don't often use mobile conveyors now, it is very necessary to understand that it is unnecessary. Compared with other conveyors, the parts of the mobile loading conveyor are more, and each part plays an indispensable role, but these small parts will inevitably have some small problems. Let's learn how to solve these small problems together. For mobile conveyors, common parts damage is important in the following types. The first is the corrosiveness of the mobile conveyor. To a large extent, the corrosion of the parts of the mobile conveyor can only be effectively prevented, but it cannot be completely and effectively solved. At this time, it is necessary to plate corrosion-resistant materials on the surface of the part or apply oil treatment on the surface of the part to solve the problem. In this way, the finish of the parts can be improved to a large extent, and then the corrosion resistance of the parts can be improved. Then there is the situation that the parts of the mobile conveyor are broken and the surface is peeled off. The solution to this situation is to improve the surface finish of the loading conveyor parts. Use a gentler cross-section filter. This can reduce the stress concentration of the parts. In this way, carburizing, quenching and other methods are used to improve the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of the parts, and good results can also be obtained. Finally, the solution to the wear of the parts of the mobile conveyor is to minimize the friction of the parts.
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