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Common problems of vertical conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-20
There are many small things that go wrong, and if they are not caught early, they will quickly lead to big problems. Manufacturers using vertical conveyors rely on plastic buckets bolted to rubber belts. When the machine collects the material and lifts it, it exerts a lot of force on these bolts. If these bolts begin to fail and the maintenance is not grasped, the bucket may tear the belt, cause a lot of damage, and cause a lot of downtime. Even if the barrel is not worn, the elevator is dirty. The accumulated material is formed under the conveyor belt of the elevator, and the material is gathered around the bucket and between the conveyor belt. Vertical conveyors are also difficult to protect against blockage in terms of fire and explosion protection, which is one of the most common problems of vertical conveyors. Moving products can interlock or get stuck on the frame of the device, causing it to freeze. The production line must be closed, the elevator opened, and the jammed material must be removed before production can continue. When the material accumulates in the casing or casing of the vertical conveyor and eventually clogs the machine, the blockage also occurs. The good news is that this customer knows another option: our traction conveyor. The traction conveyor eliminates the problems associated with the vertical conveyor and can completely replace the belt loading conveyor system. First, drag conveyors are easier to maintain than vertical conveyors. They have fewer parts, no belts, no clogging due to material accumulation, no buckets that wear and stop interlocking, and no belt drive systems that can slip or hit and hit accidentally...we even designed easy-to-maintain conveyors machine. Maintenance technicians can replace our curved wear strips from the outside, and our heads are separated, so the staff can easily access the three-piece split sprocket. (The 3-piece split sprocket allows maintenance personnel to replace the sprocket without damaging the chain.) We have been running the conveyor for many years and only perform routine maintenance. Our wear strips rarely need to be replaced, even on curves. Generally, all maintenance personnel must lubricate our conveyors. Floor area? no problem. Lifting materials at steep angles is not a problem for our conveyors. The conveyor can lift the material to the vertical direction with minimal support structure. This means that valuable floor space will not be taken up. The absence of chaos traction conveyors also eliminates the chaos associated with vertical conveyors. There won't be anything on the floor or on the conveyor belt that needs to be cleaned. In addition, because our conveyors are enclosed, we can make them dust-proof. This eliminates the debris in the air that workers must breathe. From a safety point of view, this makes the conveyor better because it is easier to prevent and control fires.
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