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Common problems of conveyor belts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-09
The machinery has told you about the problem of conveyor belt deviation, including the reasons and measures after it occurs, but in fact, the problems that may occur on the conveyor belt are not just the problem of deviation, so what will happen to the conveyor belt Questions, how did we solve these problems before, and now there are any new solutions and better solutions, don’t worry, you know that everyone cares about these problems, so let’s take a look at the machine below. In addition to the problem of deviation of the loading conveyor belt, there are often problems such as wear, scratches, damage, and cracks in the overlapping parts. The appearance of these equipment problems not only accelerates the damage of the conveyor belt, but also causes the leakage and waste of materials. Usually, after the conveyor belt equipment problem occurs , Companies use sewing, heating and vulcanization or scrap renewal, these methods can not solve the equipment problem well, scrap renewal has caused the increase in equipment procurement costs. Through research on polymer composite materials in European and American countries, it is found that polymer rubber materials can effectively solve the problems of conveyor belt wear, scratches, breakage, and cracks in the overlapping parts, and quickly repair them on-line and on-site. Therefore, not only the mechanical production is constantly improving, but in this constantly evolving and mechanized society, everything is constantly being developed and progressed.
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