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Common mistakes when operating screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-27
Screw conveyor is a relatively standard equipment, if used improperly, it will cause unimaginable consequences. If the upper cover is not closed during use. Sometimes the operator removes the cover in order to observe the conveying condition of the material in the tank when using the screw conveyor. This approach is inappropriate, because during the operation of the screw loading conveyor, once other debris falls into the body, it will inevitably cause damage to the equipment, such as broken blades, broken main shafts, and damaged tanks. After the transportation is completed, the remaining materials in the machine should be cleaned up in time. After the screw conveyor finishes conveying the material, the user does not clean the remaining material in the conveyor body in time. This method is also not advisable, because if the material is sticky or corrosive after being damp, it may stick to the blade or inner wall. It affects the service life of the equipment. If the motor load is too heavy. The excessive load of the motor is mostly caused by the excessive feeding amount when the user uses the screw conveyor. The resulting situation is that the motor heats up too much and is very easy to burn. Therefore, the user must adopt certain measures to ensure the feeding amount when using it, such as the feeding bin. The above points are common mistakes in the actual use of screw conveyors. I hope everyone must pay attention to them. If there is no change, it will be reluctant to ensure the normal use of the screw loading conveyor. It is both for the operator and the operator. Screw conveyors provide protection.
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