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Common faults and troubleshooting of conveyor rollers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-25
2012-04-03 08:59:56 The common faults and troubleshooting of the rollers of the loading conveyor are one of the main components on the conveyor. According to the different uses of the rollers, they can be divided into bearing rollers, empty rollers and special rollers. Three kinds. Special rollers can be divided into buffer rollers, self-aligning rollers and anti-deflection rollers. According to the supporting method of the roller, it can be divided into bracket type and suspension type. Sealing of conveyor rollers: rollers often work under dusty conditions, and empty rollers sometimes run in slime water. On both sides of the trough rollers of outdoor conveyors, rainwater will seep along the shaft end gaps, causing The bearing dust cover and its cage are corroded, and the lubricating grease has deteriorated. Improving the sealing structure is an effective measure to improve the life of the roller. bearings: Bearing failures are mainly caused by the intrusion of moisture, dust or foreign matter, which rusts the bearings and deteriorates the lubricating grease. Enlarging the ball diameter, adopting a single-sided open nylon cage, and enlarging the axial clearance of the roller special bearing can effectively prevent the bearing from jamming. Its service life is more than five times that of ordinary bearings, and its power consumption can be reduced by about 18%. outer cylinder: In places where there are corrosive substances such as salt spray, the surface of the outer cylinder is severely rusted, and the surface rust will accelerate the wear of the conveyor belt. To solve this problem, a 160mm anti-static reinforced nylon outer cylinder was developed to prevent The corrosion of the outer cylinder broke a new path. hand roller grease and idler should use lithium-based grease, which has a high dropping point, is not easy to lose grease, and is not easy to deteriorate and agglomerate, which can prolong the service life of the idler and reduce friction resistance.
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