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Commissioning of conveyor starter is very important

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-09

Re-measurement of foundation and commissioning of line-out

Because of the large construction error of civil engineering, re-measurement of foundation is essential in the process of conveyor installation. First of all, the projected center line of the belt conveyor should be measured according to the construction drawings and the reference line given by the civil engineering to see if it is offset. Check whether the position of each branch foundation is correct, and whether the curved area of u200bu200bthe support pad meets the requirements, and draw the center line of the foundation plate of the conveyor support on the support pad.

Finally, according to the 0mm line given by the civil engineering unit, use the level to re-measure the elevation of each branch foundation. If the error is within 5mm of soil, the connection between the steel plate and the foundation plate shall be welded by full welding with a V-shaped groove.

Installation and debugging of the loading conveyor head, tail and intermediate support frame

First use a crane to hoist the head and tail in place, Align the equipment with the basic line, and use the line pendant and level ruler to find the verticality and levelness of the equipment. A qualified welder will weld the foundation plate and the embedded plate together to fix the equipment. Then, install the intermediate support frame. In order to save manpower, material resources and financial resources, the method of segmented hoisting should be adopted as much as possible, and a large number of high-altitude operations should be moved to the ground to complete.

How to ensure that the upper plane of each segmented support is in a line and avoid the stepped shape is the difficulty in the on-site construction. The solution is to hang a heavy object at both ends of a p0.7mm steel wire, hang it at the center of the head roll and the tail roll, and then determine the height of the roll on the middle support frame according to the steel wire.

The installation of conveyor belts is often limited by the site, and it is difficult to use construction machinery. For conveyors designed with a fixed angle, the conveyor belt should be pierced from the upper end, and the loading conveyor belt should be pulled in place with special clamps and chain hoists.

When bonding, the conveyor belt at the interface should be cut by 1/2 of the thickness, smeared with adhesive, and the two ends should be firmly clamped with special clamps. To prevent the conveyor belt from being loosened by force, press it with a heavy object after hitting it with a hammer in the middle. The lap length should not be less than 1.0mm. Pay attention to the ambient temperature when bonding, and take protective measures when the temperature is too low.

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