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Climbing belt machine manufacturing technology

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-21
1. Airframe design general climbing belt conveyor tilt Angle is less than 23 degrees, more than 23 degrees in the conveyor belt surface bonding baffle, baffle height respectively are: 15 mm to 30 mm to 50 mm, choose 5 conveyor belt. 0 mm anti-skid grass with PVC material, baffle material chooses green PVC material, prevent slippery grass belt prevent the object appeared in the process of conveying skid status, effective control of the security. 2. Frame material choose 4. 0 mm plate bending production, both sides need to wear protective plate, to prevent the workpiece in the process of transportation slide off the conveyor belt injury accident. 3. Climbing belt conveyor of the brace, choose carbon steel rectangular controls, specifications: 40 * 80 * 3. 0 mm, surface coating processing, adjust the anchor with galvanized horn cup type expansion bolt hole, hole a footing for fixed belt conveyor, prevent the belt from shaking machine. 4. Belt in the selection of mechanical and electrical machine, climbing belt conveyor in general motor adopt the RV reducer, easy installation and convenient use, according to the requirements of actual structure will decide, power in 0. More than 75 kw, effectively prevent the conveyor belt in the slippage phenomenon appeared in the process of delivery. 5. Climbing belt conveyor application fields: transfer machine between floor and floor items of transmission, the transmission between the upper and lower slopes.
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