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Classification of belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-05
According to the different types of belts, belt conveyors can be divided into ordinary belt conveyors, steel cord core belt conveyors and high inclination pattern belt conveyors; according to the different driving methods and belt support methods, they can be divided into ordinary belts. Type loading conveyor, air-cushion belt conveyor and wire rope traction belt conveyor; according to the difference of the roller groove angle, it can also be divided into ordinary groove angle belt loading conveyor and deep groove belt loading conveyor. In addition, the conveying equipment includes scraper conveyors, pipeline conveying devices and pneumatic conveying devices. In the coal conveying system of thermal power plants, scraper conveyors are mostly used as self-coal equipment and coal blending equipment; the pipeline conveying device is to grind coal into pulverized coal in the coal mine, add water to make coal slurry, and then pump it to the thermal power In power plants or other locations where coal is used, the coal slurry is finally dewatered and sent to the boiler for combustion. It is suitable for long-distance transportation. Compared with other types of conveying equipment, belt conveyors have the advantages of high productivity, stable and reliable operation, continuous and uniform conveying, low operating costs, convenient maintenance, easy automatic control and remote operation. Therefore, belt conveyors are widely used in thermal power plants, coal mines, and docks.
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